Karim City College

Dr. Zaki Akhtar

Professional/ academic Qualification:

M.A. in Psychology with specialization in Organizational Behaviour from AMU, Aligarh.

PhD in Psychology, with the topic “A Study of Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Climate among Coal Mines Executives”. AMU, Aligarh.

Area of Expertise:

Stress and Stress Management, Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement, Metal Health, Research Methods, Guidance and Counselling.

Papers Published:

  1. A study of job involvement among college teachers. In International journal of education and management Vol 2 Hisar, 2012.
  2. Distance open learning and role of information and communication technology. In Journal of The Discourse Vol 3 Jamshedpur, 2012.
  3. Influence of parental occupation and level of education on stress, anxiety and adjustment among school children. In Indian journal of positive Psychology Vol 3 Hisar 2012.
  4. Burnout among Teachers. In Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing Vol 3 Hisar 2012.
  5. Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour among College Teachers. In Indian Journal of Positive Psychology Vol 3 Hisar, 2012.
  6. Anxiety and Adjustment pattern among Tribal and non-tribal students. In International journal of Education and Management Vol 1 Hisar, 2011.
  7. Role Stress among Private and government Bank Managers. In Behavioural Research Review Vol 3 Patna, 2011.
  8. Role Stress among Doctors. In Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing Vol-2 Hisar, 2011.
  9. A Comparative Study of Stress among Private and Government School Students of Jamshedpur. In Journal of Social Development Vol 3 Ranchi, 2011.
  10. Organizational Role Stress and Job Satisfaction among Nurses. In Journal of Social Development Vol 2 Ranchi, 2010.
  11. Occupational stress and type A and Type B behaviour patterns among Managerial Personnel of Coal Mines. In BPA Journal of Indian Social and Psychological Studies Vol 3, Patna on March 2010.
  12. Job satisfaction among College Teachers. In Journal of Social Development Vol 1 Ranchi, 2009.
  13. Suicide and Prevention: A Psycho-Social Perspective. In Indianmba.com on 6th November, 2009.
  14. Problems of Minorities in India-Special Focus on Muslims. In Indianmba.com on 30 April, 2009.
  15. Job status, gender and level of education as\determinants of job satisfaction of senior secondary school teachers. In Indian journal of social science researches, BHU Banaras 2009.
  16. Role stress among Jail Personnel as related to Age and work experience in  Husain & Rashid (Eds.), Stress Behaviour Vol. 1, Hinds Publication New Delhi, 2004.
  17. The sources and effect of occupational stress. In Husain & Rashid (Eds.), Stress Behaviour Vol.1, Hinds Publication New Delhi, 2004.
  18. Drug Abuse of adolescents and young adults: A Psycho-Social Approach. Journal of community guidance and research, 2002. Vol. 19, No. 3 pp. 333-337.
  19. Utilizing elderly potential for economic development: Strategic Interventions. In Akbar Husain (Eds.), Healthy Aging. Vol. 2 p 53-60 AMU, Aligarh 2002.
  1. Occupational Stress among Coal Mines Executives. In Akbar Husain (Eds.), Stress Research and Stress Management. Vol. 1 p 77-83, AMU, Aligarh 2001.

Paper Accepted for Publication:

1. Importance of counselling in schools. In The Contemporary Discourse, Pune Jan 2013.

2. Spirituality and loneliness among Adolescence. In Journal of Social Mobility Vol 3 Ranchi 2012.

Paper Presented:

  1. “Adjustment Pattern among Tribal’s and Non-Tribal’s” paper presented in National Conference in 2012 at Ranchi.
  2. “Contribution of Maulana Azad in National Integration” paper presented in National Conference in 2012 at Karim City College, Jamshedpur.
  3. “Thought Pollution: Effect on Nation’s Health” paper presented in National conference 2012 at Karim City College. Jamshedpur.
  4. “Influence of Parental Education and Occupation on stress, Anxiety and Adjustment among school Children” paper presented in National seminar 2012 at Sido-Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka Jharkhand.
  5. “Importance of Counselling in Schools” paper presented in National seminar 2012 at The Graduate School, College for Women, Jamshedpur
  6. “Micro Finance and Poverty Eradication: A Psycho-Social Approach”. Paper presented in National seminar on Recession; its impact on Indian economy 2011 at Mahatma Gandhi (PG) College, Fatehpur, UP.
  7.  “Role stress among doctors”. Paper presented in National conference 2010 at Patna (Bihar).
  8. “Mass Media and Terrorism “. Paper presented in National conference 2010 at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
  9. “The role of teacher in guidance and counselling”. Paper presented in national conference held at Jamshedpur Women’s College, Jharkhand on 25 Nov. 2009.
  10. “An Empirical Study of Occupational Stress and Type-A and Type-B Behavioural Pattern among Managerial personnel of Coal Mines”. In National Conference July 29-30, 2006 held at Jamshedpur Women’s College, Jharkhand.
  11. “Managing Stress among Tribal Farmers”, national Conference on utilization of natural Resources and Sustainable Development of Tribes in East India in Dec 2005.
  12. “Stress and Stress Management”, paper presented in Centre for Academic Development in Karim City College Jamshedpur in Aug, 2004.
  13. “Development of Professional courses in Eastern Region of India”; at Academy of Business Administration, Balasore in Feb, 2003.
  14. “A Study of Job Satisfaction among Senior Secondary School Teachers at AMU, Aligarh”. at 4th International and 35th Indian Academy of Applied Psychology Conference in 1999 held at Gujarat.
  15. “Drug abuse a Psycho-Social approach”, National Conference in Aug 1997 at Khurja (U.P.)

Research Activities

UGC Research Projects submitted:

Submitted a UGC minor research project on the topic“A Study of adjustment in relation to stress and anxiety among Government and private school children of east Singhbhum” in 2011.

Acted as a Research  guide:

Acted as a research guide; Two PhD Scholars under Ranchi University with the topics:

  • “ An empirical Study of organizational role stress job involvement and job satisfaction among College Teachers of Ranchi University”
  • “A study  of  burnout, social support and job satisfaction among Government and private school teachers”

Additional Info

  • Qualification: M.A., Ph.D.
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Address: Deptt of Psychology, Karim City College, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
  • Mobile: 09304783099
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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