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Department of Add-On Vocational Courses

Realising the change that is happening in the employment sector and with an aim to continue with the traditional courses the UGC reshaped its educational policy and introduced the Dual Degree Scheme for the students of Formal / Non Vocational courses popularly known as ADD-ON Courses. The scheme allows a B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., student to opt for a Certificate (Part-I) Diploma (Part-II) Advance Diploma (B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., Part-III) additionally.

The Policy of academic liberalisation allows us to start several ADD-ON packages for students already enrolled at our College at the graduation level. These skill-oriented courses will act as parallel sub-discpline for the students who are pursuing their graduation.

The Department of ADD-ON (Vocational) Courses under the chief Co-ordinator Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad (Faculty of Commerce) offers nine courses at present with the approval of Kolhan University, Chaibasa, These are

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Aqua-Culture
  • Pollution Management
  • Functional English
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management (ASPSM)
  • Mass Communication
  • Information Technology (I.T.)
  • Computer Application (C.A.)



Dr.Mushtaq Ahmad Chief Co-ordinator ASPSM
Dr.Manzar Hasnain Co-ordinator Aqua Culture
Dr.N.T. Hashmi Co-ordinator Pollution Management
Dr.Hassan Imam Warsi Co-ordinator Industrial Chemistry
Dr.Anwar Shahab Co-ordinator CA, IT, & e-Commerce
Mr.S.M.Yahiya Ibrahim Co-ordinator Functional English
Dr.Neha Tiwari Co-ordinator Mass Communication


Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Management 1. Dr.Mushtaq Ahmad
2. Dr.G.Vijay Lakshmi
3. Prof. Mithlesh Kumar Choubay
Aquaculture 1. Dr.Manzar Hasnain
2. Dr.Fozail Ahmad
Computer Application 1. Mrs.Indrani Jana Das
2. Mr.Anzarul Haque
Funcutional English 1. Prof.S.M.Yahya Ibrahim
2. Dr.Neha Tiwari
3. Mrs.Wahina Tabassum
4. Mr.Kishore Oza
E-Commerce 1. Mrs.Indrani Jana Das
2. Mr.Nand Kishore Vishwakarma
Industrial Chemistry 1. Dr.Md.Hassan Imam Warsi
2. Pfor.Khursheed Anwar Khan
3. Prof. Jay Prakash Mishra
4. Prof.Hari Kishore Shaw
Information Technology 1. Mr.Anzarul Haque
2. Mrs.Mamta Gupta
Mass Communication & Video Production 1. Mrs.Neha Tiwari
2. Mr.Rajesh Rai
3. Mr.Sanjay Prasad
4. Mr.Khalid Perwez
Pollution Control Management 1. Dr.Mrs.Nusrat Hashmi
2. Prof.Aftab Alam Khan



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