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Established in 1996 with the purpose of academic interaction and sharing of knowledge, Centre for Academic Development provides a platform to our faculty members to develop inter disciplinary approach. Papers have been presented on diversified subjects by the faculty members of the College and also by guest scholars and persons of the Corporate Sector.
CAD, Under its Co-ordinator Dr. S Iftekhan Nabi, is dedicated to strive towards the development of inter-disciplinary approach through a series of lectures.

1 27.7.96 Blood Group Dr.Manzar Hasnain
HOD, Zoology
2 31.8.96 Quazi Nazrul Islam Dr.B.N.Tripathy
HOD, Bengla
3 21.9.96 Distortion of Indian History Dr.M.A.Makki
HOD, Pol. Sc.
4 10.10.96 Intellectual Property Rights Prof. Ejaz Ahmad
HOD, History
5 05.12.96 Ayodhya In The Perspective of Babri Masjid... Dr.Manzoor Ahmad
HOD, History
6 28.02.97 Kabir Ki Chintan Dhara Dr.T.Ojha
HOD, Hindi
7 13.08.97 50 Years of Independent India Group Discussion
8 08.10.97 Literary Movements and Experiments Prof. S.Shamim Ahmad
HOD, Urdu
9 13.12.97 Meenar-e-Babul (Short Story) Dr.Manzar Kazmi
Principal, KCC
10 28.03.98 Ozone Problem Dr.Mohammad Zakaria
HOD, Chemistry
11 29.04.98 Impact of Parallel Economy in India Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad
Reader, Commerce Faculty
12 21.07.98 Dream Through The Ages Dr.S.K. Ahsan
HOD, Psychology
13 13.09.98 Tribal Development in Chhotanagpur Dr.Aaley Ali
HOD, Geography
14 17.02.99 Relevance of Shakesperean Themes Today Prof. M.A.Khan
HOD, English
15 07.12.99 Albaruni : An Introduction Dr.H.K.Pandey
Lect. Hindi Deptt.
16 21.07.01 Muslim Factor in Shaping Gandhi's Personality Dr.M.A.Makki
HOD, Pol. Sc.
17 08.09.01 Zaki Anwar ki Yaad Mein Prof. S Shamim Ahmad
HOD, Urdu
18 20.03.02 Aal-e-Ahmad Saroor ki Tanquidi Basirat Dr.Rashid Anwar
Lect. Urdu Deptt.
19 13.05.02 Indian Population - An Alarming Problem Prof. S Iftekhan Nabi
Lect. Eco. Deptt.
20 23.09.02 Mohan Rakesh - Life and Works Dr.Safiullah Ansari
HOD, Hindi
21 20.12.03 Existentialist Philosophy - An Introduction Prof. Aquil Ahmad
Lect. Philosophy Deptt.
22 24.01.04 Relationship between Urdu and Hindi Language Prof. S. Badre Ahmad
Lect. Urdu Deptt.
23 11.08.04 Stress and Stress Management Dr.Zaki Akhtar
Lect. Psychology Deptt.
24 11.09.04 Mujtaba Hussain - Life and Works Dr.Afsar Kazmi
Lect. Urdu Deptt.
25 13.10.04 World War II and India Dr.Indra Sen Singh
HOD, History
26 17.01.04 Tectonic Activity in Tsunami Perspective Dr.Nigar A Siddiqui
Lect. Geography
27 26.11.05 Inshaia (Light Essay in Urdu) Dr.Afsar Kazmi
Lect. Urdu Deptt.
28 20.02.06 Principles of Telecommunications Dr.Md. Tufail Ahmad
Lect. Physics Deptt.
29 25.05.06 Mechanism of Monsoon in India Prof. Md. Reyaz
Lect. Geography
30 19.09.06 Change Management Mr. B.N.Sarangi
SNTI, Tata Steel
31 11.11.06 Maulana Azad and India Freedom Movement Dr.Indra Sen Singh
HOD, History
32 15.12.06 Leadership Quality Mr. Nadeem Kazim
TMDC, Tata Steel
33 15.02.07 India as a Knowledge Based Economy Prof. Miss G.V.Laxmi
Lect. Commerce Faculty
34 05.09.07 Leadership is an Art Mr. B.K.Sinha
Agrico Divn., Tata Steel
35 09.02.08 Dichotomy of Urdu and Hindi Prof. S.Badre Ahmad
Lect. Urdu Deptt.
36 16.01.09 Teacher-Student Relationship Prof. Sheikh Mastaan
Director CLD, AMU (Aligarh)
37 29.01.09 Tasawwuf : Need of the Hour Dr. Md. Ashraf Bihari
HOD, Philosophy
38 07.08.10 Interest and Interest-free Banking Dr. Syed Iftekhar Nabi
39 04.10.10 ‘Graph Theory : Introduction and Simple Application’ Dr. Mohammad Moiz Ashraf
40 13.12.10 ‘Sufism : Impact on Medieval Indian History’ Dr. Anwar Alam
41 18.02.12 Rescent Developments in Social Science Research Dr. Anwar Shahab Dept. of Pol.Science
42 15.05.12 Direct Tax Code: Some Reflections Dr. Md. Moazzam Nazri Dept. of Commerce
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