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Programme Outcome for all Undergraduate Programmes

(B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com.)


The following learning outcomes are shared by all the undergraduate programmes offered by the college:

  • To demonstrate information literacy, human responsibility and a civic and ecological awareness of the world.
  • To demonstrate a working knowledge of the important historical, social and intellectual events and movements that have impacted human values and institutions.
  • To demonstrate a general acquaintance with the core areas of the various disciplines grouped under ‘Humanities’, ‘Social Sciences’, ‘Sciences’ and ‘Commerce’ and to evince an advanced knowledge of at last one of these.
  • To develop an understanding of the basic processes and practices of research in their chosen disciplines of Arts, Science or Commerce and to understand and appreciate interdisciplinary approaches to study and research.
  • To demonstrate elementary knowledge of and ability to use at least two different languages.
  • To analyze data both qualitatively and quantitatively and to draw correct inferences.
  • To develop clarity in the expression of ideas, both in speech and in writing.
  • To develop basic computer skills required for study and employment.
  • To demonstrate competence in entry-level examinations for employment or higher studies.
  • To successfully apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to practical life.



Programme Outcome for all Postgraduate Programmes

(M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Com.)

The following learning outcomes are shared by all the postgraduate programmes offered by the college:

  • To demonstrate an advanced, specialized and well-rounded knowledge of the chosen academic discipline.
  • To critically apply theories, methodologies, and knowledge in order to address fundamental questions in their primary area of study. 
  • To demonstrate skills of critical evaluation and research within the field so as to be eligible for doctoral training as academic professionals in the discipline.
  • To demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical and professional contexts so as to evince eligibility to occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in the society at large.
  • To develop analytic thinking skills and sound oral and written communication skills so as to be able to communicate ideas effectively in a classroom or laboratory setting.
  • To integrate an advanced knowledge of ICT practices so as to make the best possible use of electronic sources for academic purposes.
  • To evince an interest in and knowledge of interdisciplinary frameworks of study, experiment, and research.
  • To develop creativity, sound judgment skills, autonomy, ethical maturity and academic integrity with regards to their chosen disciplines.
  • To develop an individual, subjective and original perspective on their chosen discipline.
  • To interact harmoniously and productively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds as peers, mentors and leaders with integrity and professionalism.





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