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An institution is known not for its building and architectural beauty but because of the grace, dignity, vision and devotion of the people associated with it.



"Education is synonymous with having an interface with ons's own personality. Only then one's persona is disclosed to him and he becomes a confidante of his own attitude. Slowly and gradually the objectives of life start appearing upon him and the destination becomes identical.Then a stage comes when he starts looking at the events occuring around him in an inquisitive and interrogative manner and the secrets of causes and reasons start unfolding upon him. At this juncture he feels himself engulfed in the mental degradation, moral degeneration, religious waywardness, socio-cultural disintegration, social injustice, political exploitation and class differences of his times. The observation and analysis of this tormenting situation heightens his feeling of being a slave. Education not only awakens this feeling but also becomes the most influential means to get salvation from the feeling of subjection and servitude.




India is now being recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The energetic young generation of professionals, academics, administrators and entrepreneurs have greater role to play. This task has two facets- keeping the domestic market vibrant and adopting a global vision to achieve the long term economic growth. We, at Karimia Educational Complex in general and Karim City College in particular, realize our crucial role in the path of this development and growth on route of India attaining the status of a global leader.

Our day to day life is earmarked with competition and the need to excel in areas of expertise to sustain the course of survival. One has to have the positive thoughts about life and a constant urge to upgrade according to the demands of time and prevailing conditions. Our educational institutions particularly Karim City College provides a very disciplined, healthy, competitive and enjoyable environment and aim at bringing out the very best in the students. The modern methodology and contemporary techniques here will help them aspire for higher goals. The multidimensional changes taking place in infrastructural facilities and implementation of a multitude of plans for a better tomorrow is our commitment to the society.

I welcome you all to this website and in our campus with the best of my wishes and I sincerely hope that together we will participate in the process of social change, social justice and nation building. I want all our students to realize the inherent energy and the latent power that we all have as Indians. So let us play to win because when we do that, we stretch ourselves to our maximum using all our potentialities. Let us all work together to cleanse our society from all evils. Let us together treat the ills prevailing in our country. Let us together look for a better tomorrow for one and all. AMEN!

Trustee, Karimia Trust


Born and brought up in Hyderabad

Graduated in B.E. Mechanical from Engg. College, Osmania University, Hyderabad in the year 1959 with Distinction and was elected general captain with state blues in hockey and table tennis. Selected by HAL, Bangalore for special aeronautical training.
Joined Telco as GT in dec 1959, Got entry into most prestigious division of machine building to design, manufacture special machines to be displayed in New Delhi. Selected to be trained in P & H USA for excavator / Crane design and manufacturing in Telco, India and spent 1962-63 in US, Switzerland and Italy.
Married in Dec 1962, and blessed with two sons and two daughters by the grace of Allah. All are well placed and I am proud grandfather of nine grandchildren, each one excelling in their respective discipline.
Held senior position in all the divisions of Telco both is Automobile and Construction equipment business units, travelled widely for technology transfer from USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland from Mercedez Benz, Hitachi, John Deere, Liebher etc.
Retired as Plant Head of construction equipment business head (now Telcom) in Dec 1995. Given opportunity to be technical advisor to Ed upto 1996 for 20 years scheduling of improvements and product and product enhancement.
Selected as "JRDQA champion" to learn and educate business excellence criterias in in Tata group of equip, practice and stabilize process and norms to achieve ISO certificates.
Had the privilege of working with Mr.S.J Gandhy, Mr.S Moolgaonkar, Mr. JRD Tata and Later with Mr. Ratan Tata.
After retirement started own enterprises as associate of Telcon to offer Constructive Solutions to all Telcon customers for product sale, service and support in whole of Jharkhand.
Associated with many social and academic organization and one of them is Karim City College, Jamshedpur.

"I am personally very proud of my 30-35 year’s association with Karim City College. It is satisfying to see the growth of this institution in conventional and highly techno savvy disciplines. This, beyond doubt, is the manifestation of confident and sound leadership, very committed and skillful faculty and disciplined grooming of the students in a very healthy, impartial and conducive learning environment that Karim City College offers."

The college is also blessed with the continuous support and healthy guardianship of very enlightened trustees. After the sad demise of the founder, the farsightedness of Shafique Bhai and the fearless, vigorous and progressive patronizing of Mr.Ashfaq Karim has put Karim City College on the map of learning.

My deepest admiration to everyone associated with the college and congratulations for the excellent all round performance year after year and pray for Karim City College to be one of the most sought after institutions of learning."


An alumni of the National Defence Academy,Kharakvasla Pune, Col. Rafi Shaikh was commissioned in the Indian Army when he was barely 20 years old.A graduate of the Pune University,he has held many prestigious appointments in the army career spanning more than two decades. He has an unblemished record of service, having served in the volatile Western & the Eastern borders of the country. He was also posted in the School of Artillery at Deolali, as instructor amongst one of the finest faculty in the world for a double tenure. He commanded a Field Regiment at Allahabad & was posted as Deputy commander of a Brigade in the Kashmir valley when he took premature retirement. He is also a very keen sportsman & has represented Services in Golf. He has now settled down in Jamshedpur & is a budding businessman. Always ready to help the needy, he is associated with a lot of social causes in the city.

"Those of us who serve this institution today as office bearers, venerated educationists imparting quality education to a generation, and administrative staff, are the blessed few who are privileged to be associated with a legacy that our Founder Father Late Syed Taffazul Karim established in 1961. His exacting standards and pious approach guides us all in making this institution one where we strive to build character and faith, strengthened by knowledge and skills.

Our nation’s rise to be a greater power in Asia coincides with the global centre of gravity shifting eastwards. Our younger generation is destined to play a captain’s role in a globalised world. They need to be armed with the latest technology, highest levels of education and skills that make successful global managers of business conglomerates with a global imprint. They have also to battle the ills that ail our society: root out corruption, eliminate poverty by new models of wealth distribution, strengthen our institutions and values. It is this onerous task that we at this institution are pledged to serve.

To grow, an organisation needs to inter-act with the environment. In a world rapidly changing we need to be abreast with a wide range of issues. This institution needs to continuously refine its thrusts, update its methods and augment its syllabi. This portal provides us with a link, both within the campus and without. The more vibrant it is, the better the destinies we will be able to carve out for those who walk through this institution’s corridors."

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