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SPArC (The Co-Curricular Forum)


AIM to create literary and cultural taste among students.
Purpose to make the campus vibrant.
Target to make our student multidimensional and to keep them away from destructive forces and to create a positive persona.
Activities to organize literary and cultural programmes in the campus and to ensure students participation in co-curricular activities outside the campus.
Monthly Wall Magazine.
SATRANG - an annual literary & cultural week.
Areas Fine Art : Performing Art, Dramatics, Literature etc.
Clubs & Forums Literary Club, Music Club, Drama Club, Fine Art Club, Discussion Forum, HR-Forum.
Committees Advisory Committee, Executive Committee and Students Committee.
At the helm of affairs Dr. Mohammad Zakaria, Principal and Patron
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 Dr. Mohammad Zakaria



 Dr. Safiullah Ansari (Head Deptt of Hindi)

 S.M. Yahiya Ibrahim (Head Deptt of English) Convenor

 S. Badre Ahmad (Deptt of Urdu)



 Dr. Anwar Shahab - Incharge, Department of C.A. & I.T.

 Dr. Neha Tiwari - Incharge, Department of M.C.V.P

 Dr. Md. Moiz Ashraf - Department of Mathematics

 Dr. G.Vijay Laxmi - Faculty of Commerce

 Dr. Sandhya Sinha - Faculty of Education

 Mrs. Basudhara Roy - Department of English



Eram Siddique (B.A. Part III)      Chief Organizing Secretary

Shubham Tanmay (B.A. Part III)      Secretary - Logistics

Munjakesh Sarkar – (BCA Part III)      Secretary - Literary Activities

Swasti Singh (B.A. Part III) Secretary - Cultural Activities


Literary Club:

Md. Waliullah (B.A. Part III)

Prachi Priyam (MCVP Part II)

Amarah Iqubal (BCA Part II)


Drama Club:

M. Balaji (B.Com Part III)

Abhishake Dubey (B.A. Part II)

Pragya Singh (MCVP Part II)

Fine Art Club:

Anindita Bose (B.A. Part III)

Shubham Gorai (B.Com Part III)

Ranjan Pradhan (B.Com Part II)


Music Club:

Rahul Rajak (B.Com Part III)

Ashraf (B.A. Part III)

Suman Mukherjee (B.A. Part II)


Discussion Forum:

Sofia Nishat (B.A. Part III)

Afreen Bari (B.Sc. Part II)



Bharat Bhushan Das (B.Com. Part III)

Suraj Shekhar (B.A. Part II)

Nayab Ahmad (B.Com. Part II)

Aman Raj (MCVP Part II)

Suchitra Das (B.Sc. Part II)


Media Management:

Sayanti Palit (B.A. Part III)

Anmol (MCVP Part II)


Wall Magazine, Blogs & Social Networking:

Jaya Upadhayay (B.A. Part II)

Priyanka Kumari Prasad (B.A. Part II)

Nishi Nath (B.Sc.IT Part II)

Tasneem E Gul (B.Sc. IT Part II)


Sparkling Span

Chief Editor            Eram Siddiqui (B.A. Part III)

Joint Editors           Anandita Bose (B.A Part III), Shubham Tanmay (B.A. Part III)

Sub Editors            Prachi Priyam (MCVP Part II), Tasneem E Gul (B.Sc. IT Part II), Anmol (MCVP Part II)



Literary Club

organizes Sham e Ghazal (thrice in a year), Kahani Zabani (a bi monthly story session), Wall Magzine (monthly), We... the Poets (Self composed poetry competition, once in a year), Vichar War (a debate, & JAM competition under SATRANG),  Qalamkaar (a creative writing competition under SATRANG)

Music club

Organizes Sham-e-Ghazal (thrice in a year), Music Classes (every Sunday), SURSANGAT (a musical Competition under SATRANG)

Drama Club

Organizes Theatre workshop, Drama Classes (every sunday), Adakari (Skit, Dumb Charade & Mime competition under SATRANG)

Fine Art Club

Organizes Painting workshops, Fine Art Classes (on every sunday), STROKES (a painting and drawing competition under SATRANG)

Discussion Forum

Organizes Group Discussion (Fortnighlty), Guest lectures

HR Forum

manages Human Resourses and ensures Manpower Management and looks after the organizational setup of SPArC and its annual literary and cultural week SATRANG. It organizes ENIGMA - the quiz competition under SATRANG

SPARKLING SPAN a yearly Bulletin of SPArC.

Sparkling Span 2016-17 Sparkling Span 2016-17

Sparkling Span 2015 Sparkling Span 2015

Sparkling Span 2013 Sparkling Span 2013

Sparkling Span 2012 Sparkling Span 2012

Sparkling Span 2011 Spakling Span 2011

SPArC Report 

To Download the Bulletin

Sparkling Span 2012-2013 SPArC Report 2012-13

Sparkling Span 2011-2012 SPArC Report 2011-12

Sparkling Span 2010-2011 SPArC Report 2010-11

Sparkling Span 2009-2010 SPArC Report 2009-10





Satrang 2015


we... the poets (A competition of self composed poetry)

ENGLISH 1st Prize Supriya Tiwary, I.sc-II
  2nd Prize Shirishti Suman Sinha, MCVP-1
HINDI 1st Prize Rituparna Gautami, I.sc-II
  2nd Prize Firdaus Shahid, MCVP-1
URDU 1st Prize Rizwan Nazish, I.sc-II
  2nd Prize Abdul Kadir, I.sc-II
BANGLA 1st Prize Tanmoy Singh Solanki, MCVP-1
  2nd Prize Sangeeta Mukherjee


ENIGMA-12 (Quiz Contest)
1st Prize 1. Anamika Sharma, B.A-III
  2. Shubham Kumar Singh, B.Sc-1
2nd Prize 1. Shekhar Suman Yadav, B.Com-1
  2. Sourav Agarwal, B.Com-1


STROKES (Fine Art Events)
SKETCH 1st Prize Heena Tabassum, B.C.A-1
  2nd Prize Ankita Sirka, I.Com-I
PAINTING 1st Prize Priya Srivastava, I.Com-I
  2nd Prize Pankaj Kumar, I.Com-I
COLLAGE 1st Prize Aman Kumar Singh, B.Sc.IT
  1st Prize Shubham Kumar Singh, B.Sc-1


QALAMKAR (Creative Writing Competition)
ENGLISH 1st Prize Supriya Tiwary, I.Sc - II
  2nd Prize Smrity Patel, MCVP - III
HINDI 1st Prize Rituparna Gautami, I.Sc - II
  2nd Prize Rahul Kumar Singh, B.Sc - I
  Consolation Ismat Parween, BA - III


ADAKARI (Acting Events)


1st Prize 1. Surabhi Sharma, BA -I
    2. Roshan Agrawal, B.Com-II
  2nd Prize 1. Pushpa Mishra,BA-1
    2. Manisha Upadhaya, BA-I


1st Prize Ritesh Sharma, B.Com-III
  2nd Prize Nitish Saluja, MCVP-I
 MIME 1st Prize Ritesh Sharma & Team
  2nd Prize Kartik Kumar Bhagat & Team


ENGLISH DEBATE 1st Prize 1.Hena Jafri, MCVP - I
    2.Anamika Singh, MCVP - I
  2nd Prize 1.Dolly Majumdar, MCVP  - I
    2. Kumar Sambhav, MCVP - I
  Consolation 1. Sadaf Zabeen, BCA - I
    2. Shushila Mahato, BCA - I
HINDI DEBATE 1st Prize 1. Supriya Tiwary, I.sc - II
    2.Rituparna Gautami, I.Sc - II
  2nd Prize 1. Neha Sinha, MCVP - II
    2. Kartik Kumar Bhagat, MCVP - II
URDU DEBATE 1st Prize 1. Rukhsar Parween, BA - III
     2. Ismat Parween, BA - III
  2nd Prize 1. Abdul Kadir, I.Sc - II
    2. Nazish
BANGLA DEBATE 1st Prize 1. Tanmoy Singh Solanki, MCVP - I
    2. Sangeeta Mukherji, MCVP - I
JAM (Just A Minute) 1st Prize Priya Gupta, BA - II
  2nd Prize Shubham Kumar Singh, B.Sc - I


Jhanak (Classical Dance Competition)

                1st Prize S Jayalakshmi Rao, MCVP - II
  2nd Prize Munmun Modak, MA, Mass Comm.


SUR SANGAT (Singing Event)
SUFI / FOLK 1st Prize Harwinder Kaur, B.Com - II
  2nd Prize Tanmoy Singh Solanki, MCVP - I
GHAZAL 1st Prize Harwinder Kaur, B.Com - II
  2nd Prize Equra Nadeem, BA - I
WESTERN SOLO 1st Prize Anamika Singh, MCVP - I
  2nd Prize Mridul Lohiya, MCVP - II
  Consolation Nitish Saluja, MCVP - I


Performer of the Year :: Priya Singh, MCVP - III
Principal's Medal of Appreciation :: Sameena Rifat, BA - III

Chief Organizing Secretary

Prachi Priyam (B.A. Part III)

Logistics Secretary         

Subrata Laik,B.Com. Part III

Literary Secretary           

Anmol,B.A. Part III

Cultural Secretary          

Anita Sirka,B.A. Part I

Literary Club

Syed Waliullah, M.A. Part I

  Sofia Nishat, B.A. Part III
  Aman Kumar, B.A. Part II


Dolly Sharma, B.Com. Part III

Majushree Guha, B.Com. Part III


Tanya Shree, B.Com. Part III


Ritika Kumari, B.Com. Part III


Shanu Sharma, B.Com. Part III

Music Club

Praneet Srivastava, B.A. Part III

  Bhola Nath Choudhary, B.A. Part II

Sana Anjum, B.A. Part- II

Fine Art Club

Madhu Tudu, M.Com. Part I


Rakshanda Iqbal, B.A. Part II


Chandrashekhar  Maity, B.C.A. Part II

Media Management

Bidhan Roy, B.A. Part III


Aman Raj, B.A. Part III

Drama Club

Pragya Singh, B.A. Part III


Abhishek Dubey, B.A. Part III


Moshina Khan, B.A. Part III


Twinkle Gupta, B.A. Part II

WALL Magazine, Blogs & Social Networking

Pooja Sannigrahi, B.A. Part II


Jasmine Shireen Prakash, B.A. Part II


Komal Kumari, B.A. Part I


Sanjay Solomon, B.Sc. Part II


Abhinay Bharti, B.Com, Part II

HR Forum

Niraj Prasad Gupta,B.Com. Part III


Abdul Kadir, B.Sc. Part II

  Ashutosh Kumar, B.A. Part II
  Ashish Kumar Singh, B.A. Part II
  Shahzeb Ahsan, B.A. Part II

Sparkling Span


Chief Editor

Anmol,B.A. Part III

Joint Editors

Syed Waliullah, M.A. Part I


Sofia Nishat, B.A. Part III

Sub Editors:

Rakshanda Iqbal, B.A. Part II


Aman Kumar, B.A. Part II


S.M. Yahiya Ibrahim      

Dr. Mohammad Zakaria



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