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Summary of U.G.C Minor Project

Submitted in 2011

Title of the Project: A Study of Adjustment in relation to Stress and Anxiety among Government and Private school students of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand”.

Submitted by

Dr.Zaki Akhtar

Principal Investigator

U.G.C. Minor Research project

This present study entitled “A Study of Adjustment in relation to Stress and Anxiety among Government and Private school students of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand”, was aimed with the motive to investigate the level of adjustment, anxiety and stress among the private and government school students. The total number of 800 school students, studying in different government and private schools of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand were included in this present study. The sample was consisted of 400 government school students and 400 from private school students. Their age range was between 10- 18 years. Principal investigator (Dr. Zaki Akhtar) has developed and standardized a scale which is known as Student stress Scale for this UGC minor project. Bell Adjustment inventory (Indian adaptation by Mohsin and Shamshad)and Sinha Anxiety scale by Durga Nand Sinha were administered on the total sample to assess their level of stress, anxiety and adjustment as well as extensive interview was followed. T test was applied to find the level of significance among various comparison groups and correlation coefficient was applied to see the relationship of stress, anxiety and adjustment among the government and private schools.

The result of the present study can be summarized by saying nature of school management play vital role in the experience of stress, anxiety and maladjustment of students.


            It was revealed that higher the stress lower the adjustment level of the students. Such trend showed in both government and private school students. Similarly, adjustment and anxiety too have negative correlation higher the anxiety level lower is adjustment both Private and government schools students. It was showed the same results. Research further revealed that private school students experience lots of stress as compared to government school students this may attributed to high parental pressure, parent’s expectation from their children, and competition with their classmates. Government school students showed better adjustment as compared to private school students this may be attributed to growing pressure and high expectation of the parents. School too play adverse role in this regard. Private school students experience more anxiety as compare to government school. Girls experienced more stress as compare to boys. Girls experience better adjustment as compare to boys. Girls are found to be more adjustable in the dimension of home, finance and education. They can easily cope with changing environment of home. Both the groups experienced more anxiety. There was no significant difference among boys and girls in the experience of anxiety. The present also highlighted that children’s of single working parents and both working parents were found that both the groups differed significantly in their experience of stress. Students belonging to working mothers experienced more stress and having problems in their daily hassles. Adjustment of children belongs to working mothers are quite difficult as compared to non working mothers. Children who belong to working mother groups experiencing high anxiety.

            Thus, present study has brought various new phenomenon into limelight which is existing in both government and private school students. It has drawn attention of school managements, teachers, parents as well as government towards grave consequences of deteriorating condition of private and government schools. It has recommended various suggestions for government, school management, teachers, parents as well as multitude.

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